Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20% – 23%

U2 Kush is bred by mating Bubba Kush and Master Kush. It is a hybrid strain containing 80 percent Indica and 20 percent Sativa varieties. It has deep green coloured dense looking resinous and frosty buds that have a purple hue and orange coloured hair. Its plant is sturdy and short and takes about eight to nine weeks for its complete growth. If harvested outdoor, it finishes during the months of September of October. U2 Kush plants are convenient to rise as well. It has a high THC level that is assumed to be above 20 percent as its exact value is still not reported. Several users have reported it to be a grade A- cannabis strain. It has a lovely, mild and gentle smell that has a sweet floral and earthy scent. It is quite a good strain to smoke as well as it has a strong taste that is a blend of earthy, sweet, spicy, lavender and herbal flavours. U2 Kush has a strong and smooth smoke that casts quite an impact on your system. Its buzz stays for about two hours or slightly longer on your body. This strain is best for treating chronic pains of different types such as arthritis pains. You can also use it for stimulating your appetite and curing stress and depression.


U2 kush 28 grams

U2 Kush weed is a majority indica strain, with 80% indica and a sativa genetic background of about 20%. It is also known as Ewe-2 Kush and descends from two famous strains, Master Kush and Bubba Kush.

This background has allowed U2 Kush to become the strain of choice when it comes unwinding after a long, busy day. It also has a few other key traits, including assisting with pain, inducing sleep, and reducing symptoms of depression.

This strain is also calm-inducing. If you’re feeling anxiety-ridden, U2 Kush may mitigate heavy thoughts and corral tenseness. It is also a social strain and inspires conversation to flow among friends with ease. Users have reported feeling weightless and slightly giddy. The body buzz is light and mellow, allowing for the anxieties of the day to float away.

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Those seeking to soothe racing thoughts can indulge in this strain with much success. Many users have reported also feeling reduced aches and pains. The body high encourages a restful state, ensuring that back pain, muscle spasms, and the like are derailed and pushed aside.

U2 Kush has an average THC level of 22%. This strain packs a punch and may leave newbies reeling. Newbies and those sensitive to THC should try to go slow. Increasing the intake should occur gradually to avoid any possible reactions.

Users should also stock a good supply of snacks as U2 Kush also induces hunger. Those facing appetite loss will find themselves feeling more than a little peckish after a toke or two of this strain. Growers may find that U2 strain is a delight to grow. It has simple growth requirements and has a moderate harvest level.

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U2 Kush has a delightful and pleasant scent. While it is pungent, it has some unique qualities that make it appealing. Its sweet-smelling properties meld well with the sour, resulting in a mix that is distinctive and enjoyable. It also has hints of a floral bouquet and a hefty dose of pine, wood, and earth.

Not only does U2 Kush have a lovely, delightful fragrance, but it is also a tasty smoke with a full-bodied profile. It features a rich and complex experience with sweet, floral notes. Most notably, users may detect soothing bits of lavender. The inhale may also reveal a touch of citrus, with users citing splashes of tart lemon.

Ambrosial hints of warm earth and herbs abound. Users may pick up a few spicy notes as well. A dash of skunk lies in the mix, but only seeks to complement this pleasing arrangement. A hit of fresh pine pushes this strain to the next level along with a peek of sandalwood. Some users have also suggested a hint of fruit, along with candy.

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U2 Kush has some eye-catching characteristics. This strain isn’t one to shy away from the limelight and has bright, verdant nuggets. These nuggets come densely packed and covered in snowy trichomes. Besides the coating of sticky resin, this strain has an array of beautiful colors.

Streaks of orange hairs cover the nugs, followed by shades of purple. It has a striking appearance and stands as one of the more aesthetically pleasing strains.


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