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Sweet Tea Cookies

Sweet Tea is a popular style of tea, seen in the United States, where sugar is added to tea, and is usually served cold. Lemon is most commonly added, although peach and raspberry are often used too.

Originally bred by the late great legendary breeder “Subcool” (David Bowman), Sweet Tea was created by first crossing California Orange with Alcatraz OG. Females of this were then crossed with “The Dude,” a highly regarded Space Queen male. The result is a potent and tasty sativa-dominant masterpiece to add to “The Dank” collection. Our particular batch of Sweet Tea came from Cookies, with an impressive 26% THC level!

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The Sweet Tea buds are made up of dense and chunky forest and lime-green leaves, scattered with long and wavy orange-pistils. The buds are encased in fuzzy amber-trichomes, lending furry patches of yellow, that compliment the orange beautifully.

Breaking the Sweet Tea buds open releases a bold, cedar aroma, with hints of orange-citrus. Combusting this strain brings out the sugary, candy taste, reminiscent of sweet tea flavored candy.

By the time the first hit is released, users report an instantaneous effect, with the sugary aftertaste triggering colorful memories of sipping some ice-cold sweet tea on a hot summer day. Users say the stimulation of the mind and imagination offers them assistance in staying focused and productive. They report a blissful euphoria that helps to slash stress, and unload the weight of unnecessary worry. This remarkable effect on mood and energy is why some suggest Sweet Tea as a great daytime choice for those suffering from anxiety, chronic-pain, chronic fatigue, depression, PTSD, and ADHD. They describe the numbing body-buzz and enhanced mind-muscle connection aren’t sedating, and may make physical activities and exercise classes more bearable or enjoyable. This tasty and versatile hybrid could be enjoyed anytime, although most users preferred to use it early in the day.

Buy Sweet Tea Cookies Strain Online

The Sweet Tea flower can be found at dispensaries in the United States, under the Cookies banner. Seeds are also readily available as it is part of Subcool’s, “The Dank” family. Sweet Tea is a tall and lanky plant that will need plenty of space to grow, and is better suited for growing outdoors. It is an average yielder, with about an 8-week flowering period.

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