Entry-level pen vape for liquid concentrates!

Refillable 2.4 ohm cartridge
USB battery charger
Safety shut off after 7 seconds
Rugged carrying case
Accessories included

O-PHOS Vaporizer Portable Concentrate Pen Vape | Black
This lightweight pen vape is a standard 3.7v vaporizer that uses 1.5 ohm or 2.4 ohm cartridges that you fill yourself with liquid concentrates. This unit comes with one heat sleeve, one 2.4 ohm cartridge, one mouthpiece, one 900 mAh battery, a USB battery charger, rugged carrying case and user’s manual.


O-PHOS Vaporizer Portable Concentrate Pen Vape | Black

The O-Phos is a high-quality portable vaporizer made by Delta 9, the company responsible for making the popular Persei and Omicron vaporizers. This is a sleek, ergonomic vape pen that can go anywhere and provide truly overwhelming results. It is easy to use, clean and maintain

Delta 9 Vapes are innovative masterminds when it comes to maximizing the efficacy of herbal concentrates such as essential oils and waxes. These guys set out to create a vaporizer pen that not only looks cool, but delivers bodacious lungfuls of vapor with no combustion whatsoever. It looks just like a typical Mont Blanc fountain pen or e-cigarette so it can travel easily into any situation. Also the O-Phos doesn’t burn so there’s no distinctive aroma, just a neutral vapor that dissipates quickly for discreet use no matter where your vaping needs may arise.

Every O-Phos Vaporizer comes ready to use, fully charged right out of the box. Simply load a gram of solid or liquid concentrate into the O-Phos cartridge and click the button 5 times to unlock the O-Phos. Now you’re ready to vape like a professional. Hold the activator button down for 3 seconds and begin to draw on the mouthpiece. Release pressure from the button before you’re done inhaling for best results.

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The O-Phos battery should be placed on its charger whenever it is not in use, to maximize battery life. The O-Phos mouthpiece can be wiped clean with a moist toilette or damp alcohol swab. Depending on how often you use your O-phos, the electrical contact points should be cleaned out every 5-7 days. The O-Phos vaporizer uses relatively low voltage to operate; just a small amount of residue on the contact points and threads could reduce the flow of voltage, restricting the performance of your O-Phos.

You can clean the electrical contact points using a cotton swab and some 99% pure Isopropyl Alcohol. Dampen one end of the swab with ISO and gently scrub any residue off of the contact surfaces and threads in the cartridge and inside O-Phos. By contact surfaces we mean any area that makes contact with each other (cartridge and battery) when a cartridge is screwed into the O-Phos.

Buy O-PHOS Vaporizer Portable Concentrate Pen Vape | Black Online

Once the O-Phos is clean, use a dry cotton swab to expedite the drying process: simply dab it over the areas you’ve just cleaned. Make sure that no cotton residue gets left behind. After everything is dry, lightly touch the contact areas and threads with your fingers. If you feel any tacky areas, please repeat the cleaning procedure until all the contact areas and threads are smooth and tack-free. Make sure you keep the protective cap on that covers the USB port when O-Phos is not plugged in.

NOTE: Do not let your O-Phos Vaporizer hang from the charger under any circumstances. This will cause damage to both the charger and the O-Phos.


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