Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 7% – 15%, CBD: 12%, CBN: 1%

This strain is an even blend of sativa and indica (50:50 sativa/indica ratio). It’s a great medical strain high in CBD, a chemical used to treat severe seizures and other conditions. But it’s very low in THC 7–15% at most – so Cannatonic isn’t a good bet for getting high, despite its name. The high, such as it is, is relaxed and uplifting with both mental and physical qualities. Cannatonic has an earthy smell, with a woody citrus flavor. It’s most popular in the Pacific Northwest, California, and Michigan. This strain is best for treating epilepsy and pain, as it provides a deep feeling of relaxation with uplifting cerebral effects. Cannatonic is a hybrid blend of MK Ultra, an indica, and the legendary G-13 Haze, an indica-dominant hybrid. The strain was bred to produce a greater ratio of sativa to indica, and that helps keep the head high clear. Possible side effects include dry mouth, while anxiety and paranoia are less likely.


Cannatonic 10 grams

CBD flowers Cannatonic indoor: a soothing hybrid

Strain Cannatonic indoor was developed with the aim of highlighting the Benefits of CBD on the Human Body. If France is slow to recognize thevalue of medical cannabis (studies are underway), it is however for this purpose that the plants from which CBD flowers have been selected Cannatonic. In Belgium and Luxembourg, CBD is already used for therapeutic purposes, provided that strict conditions are met.

The Spanish company Resin Seeds has therefore taken up the challenge of creating a variety that could relieve potential future patients thanks to a high CBD content and a legal THC level within the European Union (<0,2%). The Cannatonic CBD, born from the cross between a Reina Madre and a NYCD, is of course the result. At the crossroads between an Indica and a Sativa, the Cannatonic grow like an Indica, but has the richness of the aromas of a Sativa. Its high CBD content provides above all soothing effects on his entourage.

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In terms of flavors, the dominant one is on the citrus side, with generous lemon notes which are noticeable from the first approach. Then comes a earthy side, but pleasant, with a spicy touch to strengthen the character of CBD flowers Cannatonic.
Untreated CBD flowers

Each flower Cannatonic CBD sold on the shop Weedy. Fr comes from a natural agriculture. She is guaranteed no chemical treatment, no additives, no added terpenes or other enhancers.

This mode of cultivation respectful of the environment and the health of our customers is reinforced by a indoor culture (indoors) allowing perfect control of hybridization. This results in controlled and stable cannabinoid contents. So, from culture to culture and from season to season, the aromas, just like the quality level general, are maintained at the highest.

Buy Cannatonic 10 grams Online

The teams of Weedy. Fr are committed to offering best products on the market. The latter are therefore carefully selected to meet the high quality requirements that the online sales company of cannabis products imposes on itself. Behind this work of strict selection of varieties and suppliers there is only one objective: the customer satisfaction.

Although perfectly legal in France as in the rest of the European Union thanks to their very mild and strictly controlled THC level, the flowers of Cannatonic CBD nevertheless remain forbidden to consume by combustion. In other words: smoking them is illegal. So obviously, we can argue that the unwanted effects of cannabis smoke are less important than those of tobacco, which is more tar or other harmful ingredients known from conventional cigarettes. This is a perfectly proven and provable argument. However, this does not mean that cannabis smoke is not harmful, both for the lungs of the user and for those around him, through passive cannabis.

For maximum effects, while preserving your health, it is therefore recommended to consume the flowers of Cannatonic CBD infusion or vaporization. The infusion is certainly the most gentle way to take, both in terms of the effects on the body and their duration. The appeasement will take a little longer to appear, but will be very diffuse and durable. On the contrary, vaporization allows stronger and faster effects, but also more limited in time.

Try our CBD flowers now Cannatonic, you will not regret it !
Product information: CBD Flowers Cannatonic indoor

CBD: 6-8%
THC: <0,2% (legal according to European legislation)
Weight: 1G, 2G, 5G, 10G, 20G
Type: Indoor quality
Origin: Italy
Counter-analysis (HPLC): Cannatonic
Warning : This product is not intended for consumption

Flower from natural agriculture; without chemical treatment, without additives, without added terpenes or other enhancers. Hemp extracts intended for fragrant interior decoration.


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